bean sprouts

shredded papaya

chinese eggplant


green papaya

ginseng seeds

alfalfa sprouts

chinese greens


thai longans


thai bananas


gai lan

napa cabbage



"When customers walk into Viet Huong, we want them to experience the feeling of walking along the marketplace of their favorite town or village overseas. Our fruits and vegetables are imported from areas around the globe where we can leverage the best soil to capture the true essence of Asian flavors in favorite and hard-to-find produce."    
                                                                      Hong T. (Oriental Market Owner)

some of our high-demand fruit and vegetables


bitter melon

chive leaves

long beans

thai chilies

green mangoes

bok choy

chinese water spinach


king oyster mushrooms

green mustard


chinese cabbage

shanghai bok choy

kaffir lime leaves

Red Perilla